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Helping B2B businesses hit targets, book meetings and close more deals.

Founder marketing is critical to the success of any startup or scale-up.

The Founder Journey

Everyone loves a great story. We all aspire to lead wealthier, more fulfilling lives. For some, wealth is becoming a celebrity. For others, it is building a family — and for many, it is seeking business success.


9 Ways M&A Advisors Can Increase Dealflow

So few companies, too many advisors! M&A is becoming increasingly competitive; brutal pitches, painfully long deal cycles and LPs who only get paid when the deal has been done. Within this article, I’ll discuss how M&A advisors can:

  • Increase Pipeline Opportunities
  • Improve Lead Conversion Rates
  • Increase Marketing ROI
  • Build a…

A landing page is a page created without links to your core website. With the sole purpose of getting a visitor to take an action like signup to a newsletter, share a piece of content, buy a product or download a white paper. …

Collins Dictionary’s ‘Word Of The Year’ for 2018 was actually two words. Single-use. It refers to the plastic products that we use once then throw away — plastic bags, cups, straws and a myriad of items that we use every day.

The problem with single-use is that a significant proportion…

Imagine a company that has 1 billion users across the world, but you don’t know their name. Imagine a company worth $75 billion, more valuable than Uber, but you wouldn’t be able to recognise their logo.

You’re imagining ByteDance.

This Chinese tech company, founded in 2012 by Yiming Zhang, is…

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